Volunteer @ SWFF

Volunteering is a great way to get plugged in and make a difference in your church community

Music, Media, & Creative

Worship team

Do you have an instrumental or vocal musical talent?  Consider trying out for the SWFF Worship Team.  Our team delivers an engaging and high-quality music experience that creates an environment to help the audience connect with God in our Sunday morning services.

Media & Creative team

Do you enjoy using your creativity to enhance an experience, and/or do you have a knack for media?  The team includes sound engineers, media operators, and more. Beyond being the technical backbone of Sunday mornings, the team also provides special decor, videos, and visual media presentations.


Sunday morning greeters

First impressions go a long way to make someone feel comfortable about going to church. That is why our greeters are so important. The greeters help everyone feel welcome even before they walk into our building. And to think that all it takes is a warm smile and a friendly handshake!

Breakfast cafe

Some churches have signs that say ‘no food or drink allowed.’ At SWFF there is no such sign because we believe that people’s brains work better when they are sipping a hot cup of coffee, or taking a bite out of a healthy bagel. Our breakfast team is responsible for making sure that everyone gets the food and drink they need.

Care Ministry team

We have an amazing care ministry team that helps provide meals to those who have just had surgery, lost a loved one, had a baby, etc. We aim to provide care and support to our church family in the way they truly need it. We would love to have you join our team.

Helping Hands team

This is a team of people who would consider themselves handy people and are willing to volunteer their time for some repairs, maintenance and odd jobs at the church throughout the year. It will not require consistent amounts of time but just sporadic times where certain members are available to help with some of the upkeep and repairs on our SWFF property. We would love to have your help in keeping our property looking and working well. The main form of communication with this team will be by email to see who is available for each odd job, with maybe some texting or calling between Pastor Connor and/or some of the other members with each other as jobs are being completed.

Family Life & Kids

Family Life Ministry encompasses all the areas that serve families with children from 0-18. Our volunteers are given the opportunity to be assistants or take on leadership roles as small group leaders. Some have the gift to perform in front of an audience. Whatever your skill or comfort level, there is a place to serve in Family Life Ministry. Volunteers in these areas are required to complete a background check.

Kid’s area check-in

Our check-in volunteers help families know where to take their kids on Sunday mornings. They greet everyone with a friendly smile and are ready to point everyone in the right direction.


Our heart in First Look is to provide a safe and fun place for nursery and preschool kids to learn about God. This could not happen without the patient, loving teachers and assistants.

K-5th grade: Kidzone

In KidZone we have screened, committed small group leaders who have a heart for seeing K-5th grade kids connect with God and each other.

Ethos youth

 leaders understand that every student needs a mentor and friend outside their home to help them connect with God. Our desire is to help students learn how God can give them wisdom they need to live life to its fullest. If you have a heart for teenagers we’d love to have you volunteer!